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8th Grade English Grammar and Composition

 Mrs. Gore

Leedey High School

405-317-6062 (cell)


Welcome back students!!  I am so thrilled to have you in my class and look forward to all of the exciting challenges ahead of us this year as we dive into 8th Grade Writing.  The information learned in this class will hopefully help you pass the state mandated writing test.  With positive attitudes and a lot of determination we will be able to move mountains (or at least write a good solid essay!)  The following overview and guidelines are to help you understand class routines and expectations.  Parents, please take some time to go over these with your child.  Also parents if you ever need to visit, please call, text, or email me. Another note--- be sure to check out my daily blog for further info and homework assignments at  Also this info will be listed on my teacher webpage on the schools’ website.  Again I’m looking forward to the 2014-15 school year. I’m excited about teaching you!!!





1. Three ring notebook, often called a "trapper.”

2. A pencil bag that will fit in the trapper, unless there is an area already made in the trapper to keep pens and pencils.

3. Pencils, blue or black ink pens, and a red pen.  No “wild” colored ink.

4. Tab pages used to divide paper in trapper; approximately 5.

5. Loose leaf notebook paper for trapper.

6. 2 different colored highlighters.

7. Please get these materials ASAP. This will help your child stay organized.

8. We will occasionally take grades on the trapper and the organization of the contents in it.



Each day students will copy in pencil from the smart board different activities which involve proofreading, vocabulary, analogies, context clues, reading comprehension, etc. We will correct and go over these together in class.

 At the end of the nine week period, students will hand in their DLA notes.  They must have all of the DLA’s assigned in order to receive a 100.   If not, a zero will be recorded.  Students will be given the DLA list one week before the due date. This grade cannot be dropped.



Everyday students will be given various topics to write about.  They must write at least three sentences.  At the end of the nine week period, journals will be turned in for a grade.  A grade scale will be given to the students one week before the journals are due.  This grade is recorded twice in the grade book and cannot be dropped.



Every week a vocabulary lesson will be given from the vocabulary workbook. Students will do the 6 workbook pages that correlate with each lesson on their own time outside of class.  The workbook will sometimes be graded and recorded.  A quiz over each lesson will often occur.  Both are droppable grades.


1. Every 9 week period the student must give one oral book report, except for the 4th nine weeks which will be a creative book report (more info. later). This grade will be recorded twice in the grade book. It is not droppable.

2. Students will be informed at the start of each 9 weeks what types of books are acceptable. The books must have Mrs. Gore’s approval prior to reading.

3. An Accelerated Reading quiz must be taken for each book read and that grade will also be recorded in the grade book and it is not droppable.

4.  1st 9 weeks = Student’s Choice

     2nd 9 weeks = Sequoyah Book List

     3rd 9 weeks = = Autobiography or Biography

     4th 9 weeks = Any book about the Holocaust or Worl War II to correlate w/ our reading of the play "The Diary of Anne  Frank."




1. Pop Quiz- Recorded once

2. Chapter Test- Recorded twice

3. Final Copy Essays- Recorded twice

4. 9 weeks Test- Recorded twice

5. Semester Test- Counts 1/5 of total semester grade



Three unexcused tardies result in an excused absence, which is recorded in my grade book. Tardy is not being in your assigned seat prepared for class when the second bell rings.  If a student must leave the room after the second bell rings, then the student will be marked tardy upon their return to class.  Students will not be allowed to leave the room without my permission once the tardy bell rings.



1. During class time lessons are done every day. I try to provide enough time for students to get a good start if not complete the assignment. If they use time wisely, they should not have much homework.

2. The student is responsible for getting his/her assignment from the teacher either upon returning to school or before leaving school. The student handbook further explains the policy for make-up work.



1. Conduct yourself in a responsible manner.

2. Sit in your assigned seat and do not talk to your neighbor.

3 Turn in all homework and assignments in at the beginning of class.  No late work or extra credit is allowed, unless it's an extra book report.

4. Do not eat/drink candy, gum or pop during class.

5. If rules are violated to a degree where others cannot learn, I reserve the right to discipline those who are creating the disturbance.  Students are responsible for their own behavior.  If they choose not to abide by the rules, they choose to be disciplined.

6. Expect justice.  Each student has different needs and they can’t all be treated the same.